Bailey Zubay


Bailey is a multi-talented musician, Yoga Instructor, and Thai Bodyworker. Bailey blends these skills for one-of-a kind classes that can only be experienced at OM. Her adventurous spirit and passion for self-healing and community shows in everything that she does.


Bailey focuses on creating a unionship of the mind, body, and spirit through her transformational classes. ‘There are infinite ways to find this union, and with practice this union becomes a vital part of life, like recharging or resetting.’


“My goal at OM is to create a sacred space for people to explore themselves and to experience a new type of practice. A practice where we come together as our own unique and separate beings to meet in a place of shared, collective consciousness. A space where you not only come to find yourself, but to find your community – To find meaning in life and learning, and to deepen your experience within.”

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