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Our mission is to create a safe space for you to reconnect the mind and the body. A space that allows you to embrace the perfectly imperfect – the ugly and the beautiful within.. To create a new you in a world of chaos and conformity. We urge you to explore your inner self and cultivate strength, love, and gratitude through movement, meditation, art, music and community.

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COVID-19 Update

We are obeying the state mandated mask guidelines to protect everyone we love so much. This means: – Wear your mask upon entrance. – Use our hand sanitizer on our welcome counter. – Please call if you have a fever or any covid- like symptoms so you can reschedule. If you have passed a covid test and have a cold please let us know – we want everyone to feel comfortable and safe. What are we doing for YOU!? – We wear masks! – We sanitize and disinfect surfaces frequently. – We sanitize and disinfect treatment rooms between patients. – We have a very nice fresh air intake/outtake system with a HEPA Filter. We have also added individual HEPA filters in each treatment room. Please let us know if we can do anything to make you feel more comfortable. Thanks for your kindness and understanding. <3

Rochester, MN Yoga Studio

Take a breathe, destress, and slow down. O.M. Yoga was created in Rochester, MN to foster the reconnection of the mind through movement medicine. We offer a variety of classes and approaches to help you reach your goals and enhance your physical & emotional well-being in a one-of-a-kind setting!

Why O.M. Yoga

Slow down – reconnect the mind & Body and discover your true inner-self.



At O.M. Yoga our goal is to help each individual create balance. Not just the ability to balance on one foot, but the creation of a balanced life full of health, happiness, and success. We combine the Art, Philosophy, and science of Yoga, Community, Education, Music, and Meditation to CREATE the best version of YOU!



Yoga is the connection between your body, mind, and breath. But it’s also about your connection to a healthy and supportive Community. At O.M. Yoga we have a dedicated and supportive staff of Yoga instructors and healthcare practitioners to support your growth in all aspects of life. We work together with Optimal Movement to eliminate pain, improve performance, and create balance. 

Cultivation of a healthier you

Cultivation of a healthier you

At O.M. Yoga we study the way the body moves and the muscles work. Our focus is to free you from your limitations, both mentally and physically, allowing you to live a life without limits. We combine our clinic Optimal Movement with the practices of Yoga to teach you to cultivate strength from the inside out.

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